Argumentative Essay Outline

hello and assalamualaikum to our instructor minimal yet ability a brush a so today we will present our accommodative essay outline the topic that we chose is reading and the issue is is really important among children so I whilst at our presentation in introduction paragraph so my first sentence is hook so I start my eye my hope is about questioning so I want to attract the audience I want to hook the audience for the question so the audience will know I will talk about read about reading so my second thing is general statement general statement is about how I broader mine sign thanks to the more facts about reading and my pet thanks is TC statement this is damon it’s about a topic topic plus scope so my topic is ready it’s important for children and my scope is improve your concentration exercise their brains and improve your skills so this code we will talk about this code in our next a human if you might not paragraph so i will pass our presentation to the next presenter my name is Stephanie Smith Ismael you pay 350 25 I will continue our presentation based in our deal in the topic same thing is there are several ways to improve concentration already where we must find and appropriate study arraignment and unplug from an accessory electroni this scope is improve concentration where they’re going through controlling idea is find an appropriate study of image and unpack from the innocently electrically the subroutine point is we must fine and appropriate study agreement if you want concentrate on something you read the stop supporting point is fine quiet area such as private room or a library and another one is an area that is reasonable free of distraction and somewhere where you can still connect to internet the sub sub point of the sub point B is studying in the group or study in solo and studying with or without music also can help you improve money or concentration the supporting point number two is unplug from unnecessary electronic also can help your concentration on reading this point is that off and electronic that you don’t need especially cell phone the sub sub point of their support in point is flat top cool stuff at the hub / of destruction when you are trying to concentrate thank you my name is Nava I having to a disease my UK number is 350 36 now i will continue my pad my part is on ad women too i have the topic sentence the second advantage of reading among children is to exercise job prints which are helping to increase comprehension in grammar and stimulate brain cells to develop in my copy center I have the school and control the idea this is my control idea now I will support my first controlling idea with the support of point as possi children with my words will tend them to generate more idea so next I will use the self support to support the point send them to generate more idea for example when children are watching television that provides a tighter indirectly they will rid the satellite that are given and will generate your windows disk will also make them speak English better as you can see when children are watching television that provides a better so automated clothing they regenerate more idea next I use the quotation to support generate more item reading is mon neurobiological demanding and processing image or speech so net I will move to the second controller ideal stimulate brain cells to develop for a night flight as you can see logica ticking skill is one of the important to stimulate chadron brain cell to explain more logical thinking skill i use the supporting point as example when children are exposed to reading jet contain funny and colorful picture they will be more excited to read books and will and this will increase imagination skill so when s plus when they as opposed to reading jet continue find the echo colorful picture so I also make it automatically logical thinking skills will generate so next I use the second such support to support logical thinking skill I use the citation as you can see in the article the I title why is logical thinking s Asia stick that logical thinking skills give learners the ability to understand what they have read are being shown so that’s all I will let my partner to continue our discussion my name is no husband even two rows are mine you came 347 560 ki will continue on our human tree this is top my topic sentence reading is important for children to improve children skill such as improve the children vocabulary and also increase academic excellence photo pit sentence i have school players controlling idea which my scope is improved children skills and i have to controlling ideas which improve the children vocabulary and second controlling idea is increase academic excellence encourage the children to read books of all kinds writing down words he or she do not understand this is supporting for improve the children’s vocabulary ness to support encourage the children to read books I took fill the children’s room with books so they can choose any books they like and want to read at the same time they can read anytime yes I took a example for support fill the children’s room with books for example after the children found the new words they will find by themself or as their family the meaning of the words that they do not understand and the same time will increase their vocabulary so let’s move to another slide I will explain about second controlling idea which increase academic excellence the children who are reading leads to increase that knowledge in half India Academy this is supporting for my second controlling idea to support increase their knowledge in help India academic I 21 evident wish according to early moment websites stated those are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education if they exposed to reading before preschool ok i will let my member to continue our discussion thank you my name is known also have been teased a camel UK 35 16 5 i’m selected to be here to present the counter-argument in this essay so the counter-arguments means the opposite view or opinion in an essay so as you can see here some people might say that reading is really good for children but in reality reading indian place might affect children’s health next the concession in this AC means how the right to express some agreement so one of the problem they will suffer when reading is mixed their eyes hurt however reading among children has a lot of surprising benefit but they have to put some effort to overcome their vision problems x the refutation repetitions means how the writer should stronger evidence in this essay so if the situation is not prevented among children’s the a vision problem will be more serious and it may cause the headaches and migraines that’s all from me so I would like to pass our discussion to the next presenter thank you hello so I will continue our discussion hesitation in our last part that is conclusion so there is three important parts in making the concluded a paragraph so the first thing is our statement or this is so my sentence in this is stated as part of being responsible parents includes teaching your children onwards and how to read so my focus here is on how to lay so my TC statement is in the importance of reading for you tonight so um how to read is our focus that is this is stated so the second part is summary of presents so the reason here is about the disco that we write at our previous DC statement so that is summary of reason is improved their concentration exercise their brains and improve their skills so the last thing is a call to action call to actions meaning our suggestion for the people that involve in the problem to take part so in this problem on the people that important the involved is the parents itself so the parent we urge the parent to take action take action and teach their children to breathe so our presentation and adhere and that’s all from us thank you